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Dr José Tomás de Sousa Martins (7 March 1843 – 19 August 1897) was a doctor renowned for his work amongst the poor in Lisbon, Portugal. After his death, a secular cult has arisen around him in which he is thanked for "miraculous" cures.
Born in Alhandra he moved to Lisbon in his youth, and qualified in pharmacy (1864) and medicine (1866). He then practiced as a doctor , specialising in the treatment of tuberculosis. His work was entirely on a secular basis, but he was noted in his life for the care he gave to the poor. In 1897, he was poisoned by an unknown person possibly due to jealousy of his popularity amongst the medical community.
In 1904, a statue of him was erected in the Campo dos Mártires da Pátria in Lisbon, outside the current Faculty of Medicinal Sciences (New University of Lisbon). This statue has become the centre of a quasi-religious cult in which the spirit Dr Sousa Martins is believed able to assist in cures. The foot of the statue is surrounded by marble plaques giving thanks to him for unexpected cures, some calling him "Brother", candles burn all around it and flowers are placed there.
His veneration was never recognized by the Catholic Church but it remains even today.

José Tomás de Sousa Martins (* 7. März 1843 in Alhandra; † 18. August 1897 ebenda) war ein portugiesischer Arzt und Hochschullehrer für Medizin. Er erlangte Bekanntheit durch seinen Einsatz für die Volksgesundheit, insbesondere den Kampf gegen die Tuberkulose. In seinem Heimatland wird er vielfach als Heiliger verehrt, sein Kult wird aber von der katholischen Kirche nicht anerkann

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